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What to do in Hveragerði

You are traversing through the history route of Hveragerði which tells you the cultural history of Hveragerði. On your travels you will get a crystallized image of the special History of the town. The signs are both Informative and illuminating.

Visit Hveragerði 

Here you can find a map that shows the location of all the history signs in Hveragerði.

Experience in Hveragerði.

  • Hveragerði, the only town in the world with a geothermal area in the town center
  • Enjoy the natural and geothermal steam bath in Laugaskarð thermal pool
  • Boil eggs in a hot spring in the geothermal park
  • The outdoor exhibition on the history of local artists in Fossflöt garden
  • Walk in the footsteps of artist
  • Enjoy culture and art exhibitions in the local art museum
  • Experience an earthquake in the earthquake simulator at the information center
  • Experience the calmness at “þetta líður hjá” (this will pass) artwork on the river bank of Varmá
  • Take a hike in and around Hveragerði
  • Disc golf under the Hamar
  • Visit a greenhouse
  • Visit the town garden and see trout’s jump in the waterfall
  • Enjoy the famous black bread, baked using the geothermal ground as an oven
Síðast breytt: 22.06.2023