Restaurants and other places to eat in Hveragerði

Almar Bakari
Address: Sunnumörk 2
Tel: 483 1919
Website: Facebook page


Ölfusdalur GPS: N 64°01.330´ W 021°12.673
Sími: 862 8522
Veffang: http://www.dalakaffi.is Facebook síða
Netfang: dalakaffi@gmail.com


Hótel Örk, HVER Restaurant
Breiðumörk 1c
Sími: 483 4700 HVER Restaurant in Hotel Örk is a restaurant and a bar. The restaurant offers a la carte menu as well as group menus. HVER restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner and is an ideal place to relax after a full day of excursions.
Veffang: http://www.hverrestaurant.is
Netfang: hver@hverrestaurant.is


Iceland Activities
Sími: 777 6263
Netfang: info@icelandactivities.is
Veffang: http://icelandactivities.is/


Kjöt & kúnst
Breiðumörk 21
Sími: 483 5010 / 898 6130
Veffang: http://www.kjotogkunst.is
Netfang: kjotogkunst@simnet.is


Breiðumörk 3
483 1222
Heimasíða: Rósakaffi Facebook síða

Breiðamörk 25
Sími: 481 1010
Netfang: info@skyrgerdin.is
Heimasíða: Skyrgerðin.is

Veitingahúsið Varmá
Sími: 483 4959
Netfang: restaurant@frostogfuni.is
Veffang: http://www.frostogfuni.is/


Breiðumörk 2
483 3030
Heimasíða: Ölverk Facebook síða


Grænumörk 10
Phone: 483-0300
Website: http://www.hnlfi.is/
The Rehabilitation and Health Clinic is owned by the Nature Health Association of Iceland and located in Hveragerdi. Health food is served at the clinic and consists mainly of vegetables, fruits, cereals and dairy products. The emphasis is to try and ensure that all raw material is of the highest quality and that processed food is kept to a minimum. Fish is served twice a week. The hot drink always available is Icelandic herbal tea as well as other brands of tea. Guests are welcomed to buy meals at the clinic. Lunch is served between 11:45 – 12:45, evening meal between 18:15 – 19:15.