Hot spring capital of the world

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Hveragerði has long been one of Iceland’s most popular tourist destinations. The reason is geothermal heat: the town is built above a hot-spring field, and derives its name from the Icelandic word for hot spring, hver.

Few communities in the world can claim to have an active thermal site in the centre of town: bubbling, hissing, hot springs that in summer are the catalysts for oceans of flowers. Throughout the year white plumes of steam stretch to the sky, which in summer is joined by the colour green. Trees grow all over Hveragerði––a green revolution of recent years––and the residents perennially work on making their town bloom.

Gardening is the local sport - flower show in June

Geothermal heat in abundance has made horticulture one of the foundations of economic life in Hveragerði and it is the reason for the town being called “The Blossoming Town”.

The last weekend in June Hveragerði is host to an annual flower exhibition that shows all the best from Icelandic gardening and horticulture. The annual flower show have attracted thousands of visitors that all come to enjoy the lush greenery of this unique village and the beautiful flowers that are everywhere. You would not miss it for the world!

Tourists and locals alike have always visited the village to purchase flowers, plants, and fresh vegetables at good prices. In recent years, however, many come to Hveragerði to improve their wellness, staying for short or long periods as the health spa and the local thermal bath are famous for its invigorating effect. We would like to welcome you all to participate in our annual flower show in Iceland.

Enjoy our thermal bath

The swimming pool at Laugaskarð––for many years the country’s largest pool––is renowned for its lovely setting as well as excellent facilities, including hot pots, whirlpool pot, sunlamps, and a natural steam bath. The pool is heated with steam coming directly from the ground and because of this many consider it to be good for your health.

Excellent hiking trails

Walkways and footpaths within town limits are excellent, and work is ongoing to mark and connect them into a coordinated whole.

Somewhat to the north of town is one of the country’s largest geothermal areas, Hengill, where plumes of steam can be seen for miles. Hiking and riding trails stretch from the town throughout Ölfusdalur valley, into the Hengill volcanic area and all the way to the Nesjavellir geothermal area and Þingvellir National Park. Along the way are warm springs where bathing is possible.
Read about a hiking trip that started in Hveragerði!

See a fantastic video of a bathing hike to the hot river. Great pictures :-)

Here you can see an interesting video of the "Healthy path" in Hveragerði. The path is approxiamately 3 km long and has several stations along the trail where one can do various kind of excersises. One of our locals Sævar Hansson has made this video for which we are very grateful.

You are always welcome

Residents strive to make visitors feel welcome. There are numerous leisure activities to choose from, interesting restaurants and eateries, and good accommodation including a new campsite with modern facilities. The town is well situated: away from the hustle and bustle of the capital, yet within easy driving distance, making Hveragerði an ideal travel destination and conference venue year-round.

You will be within easy reach of major sights

Some of South Iceland’s most notable tourist attractions are not far from Hveragerði, for instance Gullfoss Falls, Geysir Hot Springs, Skálholt, and Þingvellir National Park. The environment around Hveragerði is pristine, a true paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

Near Hveragerði is the State Horticultural School located at Reykir in Ölfus, an ancient farmstead that many famous chieftains called home, including Gissur Jarl and Hálfdan the Lawspeaker.

Many nationally known artists have now made Hveragerði their home, so in addition to being called In Bloom, Hveragerði is often spoken of as an artists’ centre.

It is easy to enjoy life in all its splendour in Hveragerði. Salmon and trout swim in the Varmá River, berries grow wild in fields to the west of town, and innumerable walking trails wind through the beautiful countryside.

“Quake 2008” the exhibition in shopping center Sunnumörk Hveragerði

The exhibition in Hveragerði presents the causes and the huge impact the earthquake 2008 causes in Hveragerði. The exhibition shows the experience of residents, how it affected the buildings, local environments and other damage. Television screens show the recordings from surveillance cameras, photographs taken by the locals and information from The Earthquake Engineering Research Centre. At the exhibition visitors can experience a powerful earthquake (+6 Richter) in an earthquake simulator. An earthquake crack that was encountered at the building site in 2003 is visible in the floor and is illuminated up for visitors. Access to the exhibition is free but fee is taken for the earthquake simulator. Information about hiking trails and other activities, museums and exhibitions, culture and art, accommodation and services, guided tours and trips around the town and vicinity is provided at the South Iceland Information Center, located in the new Sunnumörk Shopping Mall.